Emily McAllan



Acrylic & Textile Artist

Emily McAllan was born in South Australia in 1989, and works in a wide variety of mediums, primarily Film, Photography, Painting and Graphic Design. After completing Secondary School in 2006, Emily felt driven to pursue her artistic career, and began managing her small business, taking commissions and seizing all opportunities to learn, exhibit, and be part of group art projects. Emily has been a practicing full-time artist since 2008.

Recurring themes in her work include memory, transition from childhood into adulthood, seasonal cycles, and the impact of Place. She is influenced by Surrealism, Minimalism, Wabi-Sabi, 1930′s children’s books, Folklore and Mythology. Emily uses each of her chosen mediums differently. Through film and photography she conveys to others her experience of the outside world; she uses design to discuss the relationship between objects and the self, and she paints in order to give form to her internal landscapes and narratives. Regardless of medium, Emily’s work has strong elements of visual storytelling, often conveyed through symbolism and metaphor.




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