Helen Kunert



Watercolour, Acrylic & Mixed Media Artist

I was amongst the first members of the Beaumaris Art Group in Victoria, have been associated with the Southern Arts Society in SA, Willunga Hill Art Group, and now am represented at the Off The Slate Gallery in Willunga. Judith White, Lyn Robins, John Ford, Alfred Engles, Janet Ayliffe, Terry & Lorraine Lewitza, Roe Gartlemann and Peter Griffin are amongst some of many tutors and influences.

I have always been a water colourist and work very much in a traditional way – using a light to dark methodology and never broke the rules. However of recent times, I have delved into the magical realm of mixed media using acrylics, where rules are made to be broken.

I focus on the fundamental nature of a view, colour and shape to add movement alternating between the landscape and the abstract. I will never totally leave behind my traditional water colour training, as it is my knowledge base, and I will always go back there for answers when I am lost in a painting.

I have built a working art studio at Sellicks Beach, where my work is available for viewing. I encourage children to enjoy their love of art by introducing them to all techniques/styles/ materials. I have also mentored senior art students from Cardijn College under the supervision of teacher Steven Egan.

My works hang in Victoria, South Australia, UK, New Zealand and Mexico; I have held several exhibitions and regularly enter local shows and competitions, being awarded high recommendations and sales.




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